Bilbest inaugurated the business in 2002 as an enthusiastic software company selecting health informatics as the focal point of innovation to be part of a more quality, efficient and sustainable healthcare vision. Bilbest keeps amazing the industry as a Pioneer company in health informatics field for 20 years and retains this success through brilliant projects all around the country.

Bilbest has been providing services related to health informatics/health information systems in the sector for 20 years sucessfully and keeps the sustainability of this success through high value added and critical projects all around the country.

In a changing World, Bilbest, which foresees the reverberation of health analytics/data analytics/artificial intelligence technics, competition through the different solutions/foreign solutions, produced high-tech artificial intelligence related health informatics solutions in order to meet the sector’s expectations as being a Pioneer organization in the sector.

Today, Bilbest is developing not only special software related to health information systems and health data analytics that aim to succeed within today’s competing envionment but also developing mobile solutions, geographical location based applications, embedded softwares, which also generates personal solutions for the common users and Bilbest is proud of developing all these solutions.

Our Projects

  • 2003 - Hospital Decision Support Systems

  • 2004 - Patient Call Systems

  • 2004 - Patient Information Systems

  • 2005 - Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkish Modification and Software for ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

  • 2006 - Turkish Ministry of Health Invoice Control System

  • 2006 - e-Prescription System

  • 2009 - Scientific Research Systems

  • 2010 - Inpatient and Operating Room Appointment System

  • 2011 - e-Order System

  • 2012 - Northern Anatolia Public Hospitals Association Decision Support Systems

  • 2014 - Northern Anatolia Public Hospitals Association Centralized Imaging System

  • 2014 - Northern Anatolia Public Hospitals Association Centralized Lab System

  • 2014 - Turkish Ministry of Health SYS Health Management and Decision Support System

  • 2015 - Northern Anatolia Public Hospitals Association Foreign Patients Registration Tracking System

  • 2015 - Turkish Ministry of Health Personal Health Record System

  • 2016 - Northern Anatolia Public Hospitals Association Patient Orientation System


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